Not A Safe Space - 7exp / Harvest-Daily Events

Our quick community description

We strive for a community which isn’t restricted by social politics or any other limitation to freedom of speech.
Say what you want, play how you want. We want people to have fun and not have to worry about what you say or who you offend. We want to have a very active relation between staff and players to implement and keep on top of the best ways to keep our server running functionally and enjoyable for all.

Server Features

  • 7exp / Harvest

  • Active admins

  • Active community voting for game changing related topics

  • No PC whiteknight bullsht, say what you want, do what you want.

  • Simplistic rule set

  • Gods allowed

  • Regular Fun Events

  • Vote for server mods

  • Situationally placed map room teleporters for easy map access

  • Admin built structures for fun community events

  • Admin Pve raid bases with lots of good loot to gain

  • Quick craft speed

  • Amazing dedicated server so 0 lag

  • Active admins but 0 in game interference

Server Links

  • Server IP: