|Not a Safe Space| PvP| 7X XP/Harvest-Daily Events

Hey, new Conan server community. New server has all the things you want without any of the dumb stuff you don’t. It has a good solid ruleset, without it being overly authoritarian. Its on one of the best dedicated servers money can buy, suvival servers. No lag. Started fresh this week. Super fun, laidback community. Join the discord if you’re interested. Planning on building a community and letting you guys vote for server changes. Wipes about every 45 days. We’ll vote for possible mod changes as a community then. Daily and weekly Server side events such as gladiator 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. RP quest hunts for rare items. Admin base raids for phat loot and more. discord.gg/MbQbJQ5

Server IP: