Nothing i have tried has worked

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash | Misc]
Region: Us server2725

I was play and got kicked off. Now i am unable to log back on. Says cannot log on to servers. Not that many on server. I have tried to restart the game even tried again after i did a hard reset on my xbox still cant get on. I have tested my net andNAT type and all is good there as well. I have no problem with any other game.

Thank you for your time

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Try too load the singelplayer use the offline option then after 1 minute leave the game and then start the multiplayeer and look for your server

That didn’t work. I can stay on offline but not on any online. But still have no problems with any other games.

I’m having the same exact issue. Someone on reddit had this problem. Had to wait for them to reset the server…

If your still having that problem try logging into server when your ping goes down to 66 or under and once your in game don’t move just let everything render in if that doesn’t work are you using an Xbox one X? Also you might want to try buying an external drive from Seagate and move all your games to the external drive it helped my game run smoother

Hello @Snowmanhaven, welcome to the forums!

Did you manage to get back into the server? This issue usually subsides after a server restart.

We’re currently looking into this issue so any additional details you could add will surely help!

Same issue on server 2876. Tried “work around” with no success. Preload screen has server with 0/40 players and a ping of 9999. Loading in to game is sporadic and made be able to play of 30 seconds or 20 mins before getting kicked. Upon getting kicked, the above player and ping numbers show.

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