Game crashes in any online server or multiplayer

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash |Performance | Misc]
Region: [south america]

The game crashes when I log in at any server, and goes back to the dashboard.

Max ping in the servers is 160ms.
Minimum ping in the server is 35ms.
My internet speed is 200mb down 100mb up, fiber.


Steps on how to reproduce issue: crashes and returns to dashboard when I log on any server.
2. Game crashes on multiplayer too. Does not matter who is hosting games crash constantly.
3. Helpfully the offiline game works.

The workaround for the crash that seems to work for a lot of folks:

  1. Start the game
  2. Select single player/co-op and press “X” for an offline game
  3. Create a new character (if needed) and let it load fully, run around for a minute
  4. Quit the offline game, but do not exit the client
  5. Select online play and login to your server normally
  6. Pray to Crom, and hope against hope that he grants you a boon

Thanks for the tips I will test.

The community has let me down. I was hoping for “but you know Crom doesn’t answer prayers…” :sunglasses:

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I think about it and it is true… Does not work,…

Many thanks Megaton238, finaly work!!!
not to Crom because he does not help kk.
Using a disc also fix my problem, but when using a digital game from live works using the fix.
Please close the topic.

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