Game crashes right after connecting to servers

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Every server whether I have a really low ping or really high ping with any game mode and sometimes even singleplayer will load the game up and I can play after making a character for maybe a minute or 2 until it crashes back to xbox dashboard. I’ve been testing every server I can find to see if I can stay in any and I can typically stay in player dedicated but never official servers. Please fix this ASAP. Love the game!

Hello @TheTurboTwinkie, welcome to the forums!

We’ll need additional details in order to determine what could be behind the performance issues:

  • XBOX Model.
  • Is the game installed to a HDD or SSD?
  • Is your console stable playing other demanding games?
  • Does it exhibit any signs of overheating?
  • Have you always experienced these performance issues or did they only began recently?
  • Have you tried reinstalling the game then starting a fresh singleplayer game?

Some players have had success in starting an offline session just before joining an online server to prevent the dashboarding issue, which we’re aware of and being looked into by the developers.

It’s very dumb and should’ve been fixed long ago, but I’ve been doing this since launch. Start an offline single player game up, connect and create character, then immediately title screen. Then connect to a server and you should be fine.

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It always happens to me… On Any online server.
I keep trying until it works, sometimes it takes 10 more times to finally work, and it uses to crash at any time on anywhere.


Xbox One X
External SSD
All my games work nice, unfortunately, just Conan has this issue.
No overheating problems
I tried to reinstall the game several times, deleted the offline game and still having the same problems

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And… No news?

It is getting very annoying… The game keeps crashing over and over, and I keep dying all the times I use the obelisks.
How to play? Are you at least trying to fix?

We’ve been gathering information shared by players on the forums and from the crash logs as well, our developers are looking into it as its a high priority issue but we have no time estimate to share just yet.

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