Crashing online and singleplayer


I have been having an issue with the singleplayer since last patch, but I didnt care that much as I only play online on official servers. But now i cant join one of my online pvp servers at all, as soon as i load in i get dashboarded in 5-10 sec to xbox home page. I used to try offline single player in such cases before, but since last update i cant play singleplayer. As soon as i press A (co op) or x (offline) game crashes, loading wont even start and im on xbox home page.

I can join a new server, where i have nothing, but after going off and trying one of the servers i am playing it crashes.

Killing myself, appearing in another spot doesnt help. I can even join my main server in a really big base (usually not in first try), but im struggling to join a server with a small secret base with only two thralls in it and no decorations or lights.

Im on xbox x with a good 300mb/s wired internet connection. Tried restarting xbox, internet, even reinstalled the game and still the same. It could be better tomorrow when the server restarts, as it worked before just fine and i could join the server with no issues. But, the singleplayer will definately stay broken, what else could I try from my end to make it better? I know my friends can still join offline, so not sure if its a problem on my end or yours.

Thanks for the reply.

As I guessed I can now join the server after it restarted, but my singleplayer is still broken.

What I would do here: Choose the game (components etc) there is a file with the player settings. this I would delete. next time when you start the game it will be loaded from the cloud again. Maybe it helps, the other option is reset cache of xbox
if all does not help it could be the singleplayer game is corrupt - but I do not believe this. Much luck!

Thanks for the reply, but nothing helped so just started a new game and seems like it fixed the problem. I dont mind loosing the data that i had in my singleplayer, but I hope its a one time thing.

Thanks anyway.

I understand very well. If something happens once, why should it not happen again.

I am having issues playing with my clan on PVE-C. The last two days we are unable to move around the world. It’s like we are stuck. We all logout and login. We try deifferent ways to enter the server, but we always seem to be stuck where we spawn. Sometimes after 10 minutes we can move a few steps, but end up stuck again.

Hi @TrioKsT, it seems like your singleplayer save data was likely corrupted, which unfortunately may happen on rare occasions and the only option is to erase or overwrite it with a new game session.

Are you still having issues joining online severs?

@LastPrimal please open a new thread on this forum stating the server number and the timestamps (including timezone) of when you experience these connectivity issues.

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