Nothing in my benches that I can create is showing up, nor in my inventory of onboard items I can make without a bench

Game mode: [SELECT ONE] Online

Type of issue: [SELECT ONE: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: [America]
Mods?: [ Are mods installed:| No ]
Edition: [Steam |

Bug Description:

I have been playing on a non official server successfully for a week now and am at level 43. on 11-12-2021 I noticed that I could not bring up a bench menu at all. Every category is completely empty and I can make nothing. My onboard menu of items that can be made without a bench is the same way. I logged off and rebooted but I got a message that said update did not install correctly. I reached level 43 and was playing fine so I’m not sure about a download issue. I did manage to get back into Conan Exiles finally and every time since then . I verified my files through Steam and they were all fine. I then uninstalled and reinstalled my game hoping that would fix the problem but it did not. I really like the game but not much I can do without making weapons, armor, etc… Hoping someone has an answer.

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Steps to Reproduce:

There are no steps to reproduce this bug that I know of. One moment I could make things and the next I couldn’t with bench menus completely empty and the on board menu also. Nothing I’ve done fixes the issue. (see above)

check your “e” keybind in settings.

actually wait, that sounds like a peripheral device malfunction.
try plugging your mouse into a diff usb port

you must have activated filters without noticing , there are 2 set of filters , on the top of where the list of items should be , there is a selection box ( with the different dlcs ) check if a dlc you don’t own isn’t selected which would show you nothing , and the 2nd filters are the icons bubbles that looks like a sword , a shield , a hand , a fish and a home , you can verify that one isn’t selected , which would only show you the list of the selected type ( i.e the sword icon let’s you see all the weapon type receipes only )

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