Noticed bugs since release

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US, server 1512

  1. NPC’s will sometimes become invulnerable on slopes (can’t be hit, or hit others)
  2. Mitra Priest doesn’t show on tier 2 Mitra Alter (Does show on T1, T3 is currently unknown.)
  3. There’s a level 20 and level 30 Hyrkanian bow with the same name and 2 different feats (and damage 7 & 9 respectively not that anyone uses bows since there awful)
  4. Iron arrows show up on carpentry bench before you have the feat to actually make them.
  5. Statue of refreshment can’t be built close to alter? (not sure if this is a bug, or just some really weird design thing)
  6. Werewolves (in The Den) don’t suffer from weapon knockback, making them impossible to kill without taking some damage.
  7. Not really a bug, but a compost heap can store as much as a large chest (or almost) for 40 wood…

For 6, they ‘can’ be killed without taking damage, but it’s time consuming and annoying.

I had two corner me to where I couldn’t move at all. I kept my shield up until they’d stop attacking to do that growl thing, then I’d combo them and go back to blocking… It was a pain.

Also, they won’t walk up most of the catwalk ramps. There’s a couple where if you walk up, the werehyena will just stand on the side or walk underneath if able. In both situations you can take them down with a spear or pike and not get hit. It’s really strange how so many NPCs can’t walk up simple ramps in their own camps…

I have a T3 Mitra altar and the priest does show up there. It didn’t show when the altar was T2, as you correctly listed.

The Set altar has the same issue, at least the T2 does. You can see the priest’s hands clipping out.