Thrall Priest Not Visible at Altar

I have a thrall priest of Mitra in my Sanctuary of Mitra, but I do not see any sign of them worshiping at the altar. Is this something they do not do? I can still see the thrall in the building inventory when I look.


Anyone have any idea? Do thrall priests appear worshiping at the altar?

Did you put in the inventory, or in the thrall slot?

It is in the thrall slot. Mitra Priest in a Sanctuary of Mitra.

Well that’s strange for sure. Should see a priest worshipping on the altar.

The altar is up on foundations, so I wonder if the priest has actually fallen down into them. I’ll have to look into it more.

I reported this in one of the earlier testlive patch threads, so I assume it’s on the list of bugfixes that’ll be coming next Tuesday. Priests show on the Derketo, Mitra, Set and Ymir T3 altars, not sure about Yog because I’ve never bothered with that one. I can’t recall the lower level altars which had problems when I tested. I do remember that you could see the priest’s hands waving out of the side of the altar on one of the lower level Set altars.

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My mitra priest never showed up until I upgraded to T3 altar.

No Mitran priest at my L1 or L2 shrines. So sad.

We have this problem in my clan on ps4. It happened after we put a thrall in and upgraded the alter with the thrall still inside. It disappeared until we upgraded it to T3.

They are below the altar, it’s the same for Mitra and Set.