Another Yog Altar bug - Yog priest not showing up at altar

Game mode: Single player, PC Version 103818 / 18696
Problem: Bug

Region: USA

When upgrading the Yog Rift to Yog Abyss, the high pries disappeared, is not standing at the altar. He is in the Thrall spot and I can’t see him UNDER the placable.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Upgrade Yog Rift to Yog Abyss
  2. Priest is not standing at altar
  3. Removed priest and placed him again in the thrall spot,
  4. Not there.

did you try with an other pit ?

Some people reported the same for other altars, but i couldn’t never reproduce it nor. So maybe linked to the altar itself. Would be worth the test.

Build a new altar, or spawn one with admin for the trial to see.

I dismantled it and respawned it and the priest worked fine. I believe it might have something to do with the pries still being “in” the alter when it upgrades.

i agree, must have to do with the upgrade, when the shrine jumps the thralls get lost in the action. :wink:

Every religions Tier 2 altar, the priest disappears into the altar’s geometry for some reason, at least in my experiences.

Once you upgrade to the T3 altar, the priest will be back in full view.