Altar of ymir vanished after upgrade

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[When upgrading my altar of ymir to the next tier, after it finished upgrading to 100% it vanished and was left with all items in a bag.

Hello @Spartans5872, thank you for your submission!

Our team is already aware of the issue where altars randomly vanish after upgrading and looking into it, apologies for the inconvenience.

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That’s wierd

Thank you for getting back, much appreciated

I too, became a victim.

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Its crap, ive done another one but dont really wanna upgrade it again and have it happen twice

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I’m informed by my server neighbors that when upgrading from t2 to t3, you have to visually watch it upgrade. I will test this tomorrow

Ok, so I confirmed test. T2 to t3 takes 10mins to upgrade. I did this on yog pit, kept menu open and it spawned in as t3. No material or altar loss this method.

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there does seem to be a trend with leaving the area and disappearances. I too, became a victim :cry:
Spent all that time gathering insects, trying to please my goddess…

Thanks for letting me know, shall give it a try tomorrow when i get back on

i have the same problem on xbox 5minutes ago with my mitra temple. i upgrades it to 3 and just went somewhere else while upgrading. when i came back the temple was gone… i lost an mitra archpriest, 80 ambrosia and of course all materials to upgrade it… that really is annoying as hell… whyyyy the archpriest -.- cry

never upgrade with priest inside

that should be a tip in the loading screen…now its too late :(((((

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