Upgraded to mitra temple & it vanished

I just spent over 400 hardened brick 200 shaped wood etc. to upgrade my mitra temple. Just when the craft bar hit full the temple just vanished instead of upgrading!! Now I lost the entire thing and everything in it. :frowning: can you get it back? Why would it glitch out upgrading to the last level? :frowning: I’m not building another one as that took a lot of time and materials. Anyway, I’m on server 7050 and this crushed my experience with temples.

Was it on foundations, on ceilings, or on the ground?


If it’s not a stability thing I wonder if it could be invisible like hardened steel cages were/are? Go kick it :boom: :foot:

It’s an old bug that was very common two years ago. In this case the altar and everything in its inventory are gone for good. If you’re on an official server too bad you won’t get it returned. If you’re on a private server ask the admin if you can get some or all of your lost items and altar back.
From my memory one way to avoid the bug was to put it on square foundation / ceiling only, not wedge foundation / ceiling and not directly on the ground. Which is annoying since the Jebal Sag altar often refuses to be put on any kind of foundation / ceiling and must be placed directly on the ground.

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That’s probably what caused the problem. When the shrine is upgraded, the game removes the old one and tries to place a new one. If the new one cannot be placed for some reason, for example if the ground is not flat enough or because it would overlap with something, then the game just doesn’t place it.

It’s pretty much a bug, because the game should deal with that situation more gracefully, but it’s also avoidable by placing the shrine on foundations or ceilings and making sure it has enough space around it.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience with the shrine. I’ve had it happen to me before, and it’s not fun :confused:


Yea it made me give up on those. Reset my feats and excluded learning religion stuff as a result. I just dont see the benefit and enjoyment was crushed for them. Thanks for the note.

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