Jhebbal Sag temple disappears

Game mode: [Online | PvP]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [northeast near bat caves]

[Hey, so when i upgraded my Jhebbal Sag temple to t3 it disappeared. It is in an enclosed building (about 4 stories high i believe not sure of length and width but its big enough). I dont know if it happened when the que started or after it finished; i was logged off at the time. I cant build it outside it WILL get destroyed.Once again love the game, but im not going to act like this didnt make me pretty salty]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.build Jhebbal Sagg temple inside enclosed building that is tightly spaced due to placeables
2.upgrade to t

Not stated, but log didn’t show True Name crafting after you logged off did it?

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I will look and see. I did not check

The log says it lost stability

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My thinking is that it overlapped with another placeable when it upgraded? Ahanging brazzier i had nearby lost stability at exactly the same time the temple did, not sure if that helps

All altars are having issues. Lvling them up automatic destroys them…at least on our server. Also the protection wears of at the same day

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repair hammers, learn & love

I’m on Official PvE server 3890 and I’ve had the Jhebbal Sag temple destroy itself twice now. It’s using the same building structure as my other three successful T3 temples. There are no other placeables anywhere near the structure. It’s on a huge platform all by itself.

Again, I’ve already upgraded three other temples with the same footprint and had no issues, but I’ve lost two separate T3 Jhebbal Sag ones.

Since it’s an official server, I don’t get to see the logs so I’m guessing it’s losing stability, even though there is zero reason for it to be doing so.

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I play on a private Xbox server, and I had this same problem but with my derketo shrine. I upgraded a set shrine at the same time and it stayed. Both shrines were on an open platform with nothing blocking above or to the sides. The log says the derketo lost stability.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback and apologies for the frustration.

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It happened with Derketo for me as well about 7d ago. Upgrading to make true name and log says it lost stability. Was very surprised when I showed back up with archpriest. Plenty of space above and on sides (more than a foundation each way). Oh well, more hard work wasted due to FC error.

oh yeah, my bearer had just eaten a stack of bugs too, SMH

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Thank you! I need that shadebloom! =p im having issues even placing it now but wont make new thread for it assuming these issues are related

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