Jhebbal Sag shrine placement

Xbox Series X
Official PVE

So I’m trying to place the jhebbal sag temple and cant for the life of me place it…ive made a massive wall for my base and am trying to figure out why this is so finicky. Number of things id like to see fixed with this…like zooming out while trying to place these massive shrines…maybe for placement purposes let us see what a fully upgraded shrine would look like instead of the first tier for so we can space them out properly…and how about lessening the distance between shrines. Gotta make massive bases just to implement them all in it which is just gonna cause more server lag. So frustrating.

I have not set down a altar since 3.0. When I set down a altar or map rooms will make a stack of foundations to one side and climb up makes it easier to put down large items. @Scumdog1980

Not sure if it is related but I found it only placed from one orientation. It also seems to have a very large upgrade space required even though, it doesn’t get much bigger when upgraded.

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