Jhebbal Sagg Temple destroying on T3 Update

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Jungle]

I’m on Official PvE server 3890 and I’ve had the Jhebbal Sag temple destroy itself twice now. It’s using the same building structure as my other three successful T3 temples. There are no other placeables anywhere near the structure. It’s on a huge platform all by itself.

Again, I’ve already upgraded three other temples with the same footprint and had no issues, but I’ve lost two separate T3 Jhebbal Sag ones.

Since it’s an official server, I don’t get to see the logs so I’m guessing it’s losing stability, even though there is zero reason for it to be doing so.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build Jhebbal Sagg shrine. Upgrade to T2.
  2. Upgrade to T3
  3. Cry as resources are lost and building disappears.

How long after making it? Or right as it finishes upgrading it goes “poof”

I know there a glitch were t3 will be invisible for small-bit and reappear after a relog/load screen.
Wasn’t always triggering. =(
Map would would show it there, but I could walk thru and build in its spot.

I’m on 3890 also. I had a Ymir shrine that I upgraded to T3 today lose stability as well I think my platform for it was to small. There have been issues in the past with shrine rotating or shifting when upgrading them. I’m also not entirely sure that each shrine has the same footprint. A platform that works for one may not work for them all. You might try something different or just larger for your next attempt.

I have the same issue on official server 3020, the Yog temple disappeared twice when upgrading to T2. It’s placed on a sanstone foundation with an extra 2. 5 foundations around it and it keeps loosing stability when upgrading to T2.
I expected for this to be fixed with the last patch but it’s still occurring.

Head to Buccaneer Bay and you’ll see the massive platforms set aside for the temples. It’s definitely not a size issue.

I went ahead and added some more support columns to the platforms so that everything has at least 40 stability. And moved the initial altar around the entire platform to make sure it didn’t say not enough contact anywhere.

Third time is the charm. Let’s hope.

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Hey @SargonDorsai

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback and patience.

I would guess that means wait to upgrade to T3 till there is another patch released.

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Will wait for an update before upgrading to T3. Just finished Ymir, so I’ll work on Yogg as my second to last one.

And just lost my yogg temple, even though the ymir one built just fine. .

This happens to all the temples from my experience. I try to break line of sight whenever possible (go inside a building, turn my back, etc.) and i have yet to lose one this way. It only happens when im looking at the temple. I think its some weeping angel shenanigans going on.

Mine was indoors a 3 floor room. Upgrading Yog, and leaving the area. Returned 30min later, it was removed. I thought it was a height issue. Yog needs 2 floors, then 4 floors, then 3 floors as you upgrade.

I lost a Ymir the other day and I was across the map when it upgraded. Unfortunately turning your back doesn’t fix it.

Always hang around especially if its indoors. Some shrines change height. Derketo will stick out of a 3rd floor ceiling for its final upgrade.

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