Tier 3 Shrine Upgrade Question

So I know there’s a bug with t3 shrines disappearing, but I’m not sure about the actual details.

So I’ve had 4 t3 shrines sitting on top of my base since before gods were disabled. My clan placed and upgraded them, and then boxed them in. I recently used a god on another clan, so my Sanctum of Set disappeared. When I tried replacing it later on, I put it in exactly the same place and tried upgrading it, but it lost stability during the upgrade to t3.

Is this the bug? Or is this an issue with the building system?

Upgrading to T2 and T3 is bugged. It’s a known issue and the official news has been that they are working on it but they don’t have an ETA on a fix yet. Though I’ve seen T2 upgrades work about 50% of the time. I have not been able to upgrade to T3 at all. Started happening after the sunken city addition.

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was the shrine unfenced in before but fenced in the second time you tried to upgrade it?

The first time, we placed shrine and upgraded to t3, and then boxed it in with t3 turanian. Next time I tried, I placed it inside the exact same structure in the exact same place.

Ig it actually wasn’t boxed in when upgraded the first time, but if there was a t3 shrine there before, then it should be possible for a t3 shrine to be placed there again I would think

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Did it eat the entire structure or just delete the temple?

Just the temple

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did you stay there and watch the shrine during the upgrade or leave the area?

Left the area


Welp that explains it. Guess I’ll have to stand next to it. But if it fails then I’ll probably have to take down the structure built around it, right?

if it doesn’t have room to upgrade it may lose stability and disappear. I’d upgrade to t3 before enclosing if possible. I have been able to just take the ceiling off sometimes to put a new t1 in it’s place after using the t3 that was there before but placing has to be solid.

Yea I had a t3 there before inside the same structure, but I’ll have to see if it lets me just put another one down or of I have to tear it all down

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