10 x T3 - 2 x T2 shrines, vanished.! 1044 Official

Game mode: [Official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PVE]
Region: [EU]

It has been an ongoing issue that shrines keeps dissappearing during or after upgrade.
And before you ask - its on foundations, there arent any placeables that blocks it, its 100 % in stability, etc…

Hello @Zcarlett, thank you for your submission!

Our developers are aware of the disappearing altar issue and it’s being looked into.

Some players have also reported that staying besides the upgrading temple seems to prevent the issue from happening.

We weren’t even at the base. We where out farming…

your absence has displeased the gods, stay and worship the glory of your diety or your zeal will be consumed without reward. No for real though, don’t leave the area during upgrading and NEVER put a priest on it until you use either bubble or coin.

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yup same problem here… though they fixed it a year ago but here we are again… last couple of weeks, even months i have alters dissapere and many players on the server as well… standing next to it is no garranty… yesterday 3 of mine where from T1 to T2 and worked… today 2 players it did not… it think its just random. however im not trying to push my luck and upgrade it… hope they fix this one fast… i wont build more of my base until its fixed (thigh spaces)

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