Seems like disappearing Altars are back again :(

I upgraded my T2 Mitra altar and it disappeared right in front of my eyes, and there was good room on all sides for it to expand, wasn’t this fixed some time ago?

was it placed on foundations or on the ground directly? if on the ground directly, might be some collision issue.

It was on foundations, but I suspect it enlarged itself onto a no build zone.
It was placed so the back end of the altar was covering the third row in the image and I suspect that it grew onto the second row where at right end is missing a foundation, the dirt there is as high as the foundations so I couldn’t place one there… So wasn’t aware that it was no build there, but trying to put down a placeable shows invalid.
As to why it is invalid makes zero sense to me since it is toward Oasis of Nekhet(the opposite direction of Sepermeru) and a bit further in that direction I already have a fishing place down by that lake with no problems??

Just out of curiosity, was there anything in the event log? If not, I think we should start reporting bugs about the event log, because the devs have been a bit lax when it comes to logging.

Nothing in event log except losing stability, I came back maybe 10-15 mins after I had started the upgrade and it was just gone, but as I said earlier, it might have grown onto this weird little zone with no building.

It’s not like something I can’t get back in a few hours, it is just that irritating that these altars don’t have the same footprint during upgrade, they really should change the footprint of them so that this can’t be a problem.

Its gonna say “Lost Stability”. Same as the bug from months ago.

Full mitra shrine needs 5*6 to be normally placed (try on single with admin rights to place a t 3 altar to see how big the platform needs to be. Probably the colision model was out of the limitations as stated above…u need to ad one more row on the left side (as pic is posted) and u should be ok.

I’ve never had problems placing any shrine on 4x5 tiles whether it is in admin mode or actual gameplay.
I think the problem is that it for some reason require roughly 1 empty row of space behind it during the last upgrade, if I go into admin mode then I can place a T3 Mitra Shrine close to all edges within a 4x5 foundation platform, but it will disappear during last upgrade in normal gameplay unless I leave an empty row behind it.

Here’s a pic of a test I did in singleplayer placing a T1 Mitra Shrine within a 4x5 tiles platform and then manually upgraded it with no problem, as long there’s an empty row behind it.

And here’s a new upgraded T3 Mitra Shrine from the official server I play on, I moved it slightly back from previous attempt so that there’s at leasty one empty row behind the missing foundation(marked with red) where there for some reason “building isn’t allowed”

My conclusion is that at least the T3 Mitra Shrine needs 1 empty row behind it during upgrade to successfully upgrade without losing stability, but feel free to add your own theories or test on this returning problem :slight_smile:

This must be a new issue then, because I recall the old “lost stability” bug from a while back…I lost altars that had probably about 4-5 rows all around them. The issue was if you were out of render distance, you lost it. If you stood there, you were fine.

This very well could be something new

Not sure that it is new, I remember when stuff got stability issues, usually these happened during server restarts, but earlier than that there was an issue where altars could lose stability during upgrade from T2 to T3, I experienced this myself.
I can’t remember exactly when but I think it was some months after full release from early access when I first saw it, back then there was a lot of talk about some altars having different footprint depending on their tier, that is why I am leaning towards it being a returning problem :slight_smile:

Your theory as far as I know is correct, but it’s not a returning bug as I don’t believe this particular one ever went away. With my mod, Less Building Placement Restrictions, players can sink alters into the ground or whatever. But if they try to upgrade them, they get a loss in stability message and lose it.

It’s the same principal for official servers, if the altar collides with a can’t build here message of some sort, it go poof.


Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:
I don’t know where I got the idea from that it was fixed at some point, perhaps because I didn’t experience it for a long time, or maybe because I am an old fart with leaking memory :joy:

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