Set shrine disapears

**Game mode:**Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: [EU]

all is in the title after upgrade to tier 3 disapears lost in stability and disapeared.

how ? lot of farm and hour for nothing.

patch pls or how can i retrieve ?


you are not alone. the issue has been reported by 3-4 players on average every day across all platforms. since you are playing on official, no compensation will be offered. all you can do is wait for the fix. meanwhile, refrain from upgrading any altars.


Hello @Cyber81 , thank you for reaching out!

We’re already aware of this issue and it’s currently being investigated by the developers, although it seems to occur somewhat randomly we’d suggest not upgrading altars to tier 3 if you can’t risk losing the resources. Sorry for the trouble caused.

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I was just gathering hearts for fu#+ing two hours, then hit Upgrade and logged out. No came back and the Shrine is gone… this fu**ing game. On this point the disability of this developer is just annoying…

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