Set t3 stability issues

Getting back into the game after a long hiatus and before I upgrade my temple to t3 I’m just wondering if anyone can tell me if the issues with the temples losing stability when upgrading from t2 to t3 have been resolved? Happy to leave it as a t2 instead of ending up with a loot bag lol.

i would make sure i placed that temple in at least a 5x5 fundation base

I had a Set’s temple vanished after I upgraded it from T2 to T3. I think it was because I placed the T1 altar just at the limit of another T1 Temple. After upgrading both to T2 then T3, because they got bigger at each upgrade, the 2nd one I upgraded to T3 was to close to respect the limit of space between two religious building and vanished. I rebuilt it, letting more space and I was able to upgrade it to T3 without problem.
I didn’t put any foundations under my religious building and perhaps it was the reason for the vanish of the Set’s temple.

There was a bug, when you upgraded your Altar and you were not in rendering distance, it vanished.

It should be fixed, but just wait for the upgrade. I never lost one and most of them are just build on the ground…

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But I was in rendering distance. I stayed in front of the altar after starting the upgrade and removing everything from its inventory. And I play in solo / coop game, so it can’t be a server bug.

Then maybe it was really a space issue… But the vanishing altars when upgrading and you are not in distance, was a known bug.

Sounds like there’s still some issues than I guess. I’ll just wait for the next update and have a go at it then. Cheers.

One thing I always do when I put foundation under altars and build more than one. I count 8 foundations, using sandstone for that they’re cheaper, between each block of 4 * 5 T3 foundations. With the T1 altar centred on its block I’m sure all altars will be far enough of each other when upgrading them. And they’ll share the same decay timer too.
While processing like this I’ve never had an altar vanishing while upgrading from T1 to T2 and from T2 to T3.

Should be resolved as of a patch or two ago.

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