Altar vanished with my t4 priest and items

When you update the altar to lvl 2 the priest and items poof

Sorry to hear about this issue. Are you playing online or single player? Any mods? Were you near the altar during the upgrade or far away.

This is a common bug. I believe it was stated in the patch notes that altars wouldn’t lose stability when placed on foundations but nothing was mentioned about being far away was safe now. If yours lost stability I would safely assume that you weren’t within rendering distance of the altar despite having on foundations. Best to be safe and stay nearby

Based on testlive testing, this was resolved on a server but was still present in single payer.

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Always stay and watch your altar upgrade. Be close to it, but not close enough to touch it.

Upgrading from Altar 1 to Altar 2 takes 3 minutes.
Upgrading from Altar 2 to Altar 3 takes 10 minutes.

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And take out of the altar’s inventory what you can, before upgrading, especially the priest.
Except for the upgrading materials, of course :wink:

Hey @Dom

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
Our team is looking into some reports we received of this being an issue in single player when upgrading the altar and being far away from it. Was this your situation as well?

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For what it is worth @Dom, I had a few players experience this a while back on my server. As mine is a modded, private server, it may not apply, but what we found was that the one player’s altar would be fine upgrading from the first level to second level, but de-spawned on being upgraded from T2 to the top level T3 .

When I checked I saw that it was built very near an NPC spawn point (in this case a Shellback nest - and it was also being build directly on the ground and not foundations).

When he moved the temple over at least one if not two foundation widths from the nest and placed it back on the ground is upgraded to max level without issue.

At the time, FunCom had released a patch to deal with a lot of the griefing glitch-builds too close to NPC spawn points. As the Tuesday Patch also addressed a lot of the glitching stuff, perhaps that is a factor here too? (I welcome any corrections if I am wrong)

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