Altar Stability and Disappearance

So, pretty much my clanmate and myself have both lost 1000 Zeal/Altars due to some kind of bug. Everytime we upgrade to Tier 3, it just Disappears.
We had them encased in a box, right dimensions, right place. Hit upgrade, go about chores. Poof. Lost stability.
Here’s my problem. On a PVP server, it’s hard to farm zeal for 1. For 2, it’s demoralizing to lose all that hard work to some bug that could be easily prevented by this simple fix:
Tier 1 should be the size (if by invisible model or whatever, of the tier 3, so that this issue DOES not persist. Or have some kind of warning when upgrading, that something is in the way, or that it’s going to lose stability and disappear if upgrading continues. That’s it. Fix it. It’s not hard.
Step 1 Build Altar, if it fits, I sit
Step 2 Farm Zeal, upgrade altar, ez pz
Step 3 Farm more zeal, upgrade altar
Step 4 Create Funcom Forum account to get more attention to this

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I’ve never seen this kind of bug.

I know there was a bug (claimed to be fixed with anniversary update) placeables like altars decay without sharing structure decay timers.

But that was not your case.

You said :

Do you mean it was built on foundations ? if yes the dimension was fitting the size of tier1 version but not the tier3 version ?

Your fix suggestion (I agree with you in any case about it) seems to point out the structure, where your altar was, was too small to provide enough space for the tier3 altar… :thinking:

It could be, but it’s strange anyway.

I built all deities temples to tier3 and never had this problem, all of them enclosed into my main base with rooms 5x5 without any kind of problem :confused: (I just had to rebuild the roof for Ymir and Jhebbal Sag because tier3 temple was adding them unpleasant “horns” :smile: )

if you placed it on the ground instead, the problem could be the place where you placed was ok for tier1 version, but not for the upgraded versions.

Ground is irregular and it do not grant the sharing of decay timer with structures, so do not build altars on the ground in any case.

My altar is 4 floors high at highest tier, not sure if was smaller at first tiers.

I think the problem could be caused by dimension of the base of the altar, not its high.

For example my Ymir and Jhebbal Sag altars interpenetrated* the roof I built upon them when they was tier1 without losing stability.

So I just destroyed and rebuilt the roof upon them in another way.

*(Google translator… I hope this verb is correct but I feel it’s not)

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We used this guys “research” of a 4x5x4 Dimensions. being the optimal for all altars.
Google this “Minimum dimension requirements for building indoor shrines. (Updated to include Map room)” and it’ll popup with a steam link to the article I used to build my box.
So this box is Foundations on the bottom, walls on the side, ceiling on top.
Right, it said, lost stability, not decayed. I built with a tier 3 in mind.

“Minimum dimension requirements for building indoor shrines. (Updated to include Map room)”
Made with tier 3 in mind, knowing we were upgrading. Still quite biffed about the loss of time put into it. I just “tested” out the creating a god token and it WARNS you it’s about to destroy and consume the altar and priest to create it. So they definitely have the ability to warn you.

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Someone in my server also had his alter disappear after upgrading to Tier 3. For the time being I think the best thing to do is go offline and test it out first, before upgrading to Tier 3. I always keep a copy of my home offline because there are so many things that can go wrong in this game lol. If that’s not an option for any number of reasons (i.e. it’s too complicated to duplicate at this point), then I suggest making ample space in advance for any altars.

Research is something I do offline quite often, and I did an altar upgrade, even with the normal setup and it upgraded 100% of the time with no error. I do not know what the heck is going on

That could be the problem: 4x5.

I always built altars within 5x5 rooms, I never experienced the problem.

I do this because estetic reasons but I know there was, until one of the last updates, even a bug making Ymir and Set altars become “shifted” foreward after tier3 update.

I suggest you to retry with 5x5 foundations.

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