T3 Set Altar disappears after upgrade

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: American

After upgrading my Set Altar to 3 tier, it despawned and dropped all my poison antidotes to the ground in a bag. I was able to loot the bags, but I lost my altar and all the work I put into it get it to tier 3. Note: This altar wasn’t on a foundation. I don’t know if that matters since it disappeared immediately after upgrading.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Upgrade Set Altar to 3 tier

Thi may sound a bit daft but check your inventory. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere of someone else saying their altar went into their inventory after being upgraded instead of repacing the one on the ground.

I wished.

Yeah, very wishful thinking. I upgraded 2 different times to a T3 Set altar and both times it just disappeared. I read on another thread that the altar shoots off into the distance 100 building block sizes away. I cannot even begin to wonder wth lol. I actually went in the general direction after my second try to upgrade to 3rd temple disappeared and nothing in what I would consider 100 spaces away would be. Nothing there.