I just lost a t2 t3 set temple with everything inside it

i lost my t2 temple while upgrading it to t3, set temple with everything inside it, a lot of bricks, steel and steel supports etc, including my one and only archpriest, can you please make some sort of error message to prevent upgrading the temple if it has no space, so we can just break a wall or something, cut a tree nearby or whatever to make it space, so it won’t happen again, thanks

So, it’s like this:

Your placement of your T1 temple was sufficient to allow an upgrade to T2. But, when you upgraded it to T3, the footprint was insufficient. This causes the temple to, not just despawn, but cease to exist because it cannot resolve in the space provided.

Makes your temple area an additional block wide on all sides.

I have seen that happen even when placed directly on the ground. I found that there is some sort of bug that it you upgrade with a priest on the temple it will not disappear.

I even had one disappear when upgrading because a player was sleeping on the temple at the time of upgrade.

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