Notification Thrall

I don’t know exactly what it would be called, but the idea is to have a somewhat rare thrall that would give a notification when something is destroyed or killed within a certain proximity of the thrall. It still doesn’t show player names when it notifies, but the idea is to let someone know when something is being attacked as not everyone checks their log every 15 mins. It’s also to help the people who hate the change to names no longer being shown and at least give them a way of reacting to when something is happening.

I am all for making names anonymous, but because of this, there needs to be another, immersive, way of finding who exactly is making attacks.

Nah, come on. There are so many things on autopilot right now. The game starts to get boring because of that. They turned off hunger system for thralls exactly because people cried around that they dont want to feed thralls and animals. Now we have all server full of abandoned animals because the crybabies got bored and left the game after collecting armies of useless rocknose pets.

With such a thrall people wont even need to check log, to check their thralls and if they are on the right positions to defend or whatever.

You guys want 100 thralls to kill the fps of every server but you dont want to put work into keeping these thralls.

Funcom should and will implement more orders for thralls and hopefully more ambiente like musicians or other kind of entertainers. This will make bases look full of life. And this is the way better way than 100 thralls and pets just standing around because this doesnt look just ugly, it kills the performance of every server.

The idea here is to allow players to defend their bases without needing to check the event log every 15 mins. If anything, this would realistically reduce the number of needed thralls as they are more of an annoying nuisance than an actual defense. If players are notified, then they will come to defend instead of relying on thralls to pathetically do it.

Your point against it has to do with defensive thralls personally “defending” a base, which is not this thrall’s main point. It’s also ironic how you want more thralls hanging around to bring the bases to “life”, yet mention there being too many thralls.

I’m actually all for forced maintenance on thralls and pets and to make it more difficult to maintain 100s rather than with a single “feeding pot.” I also hate how easy it is to obtain 100s of thralls, but this thrall isn’t about “bogging” down the server with unnecessary amounts.

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