Novrandt RP ( PvP, PvE-C)

Map: Exiled lands

Server Location: USA
Direct Connect:
RP Format: Text Based
RP Style: Fantasy
Max Level: 350
Slots: (Current): 40 (Max): 70

We have over 40 mods to give YOU the best experience and building capabilities to express your character and creations on a dedicated server running 24/7/365 with hardware beyond what is needed for the smoothest experience with manual restarts for your convenience.

What our server offers:

No server wipes to preserve your RP history until Siptah offers a riper experience.

Custom server narratives guided by players and their actions not restricted by their characters moral alignment.

Bespoke admin services such as thrall relocation and much more to make your playtime less tedious and meaningful.

Arena inspired by Fable: The Lost Chapters with a unique tournament system and rewards.

Show your great skill and achieve great feats to receive legendary artifacts from our custom god tier system.

Fair war and region conquering system to pit your own custom armies of thralls against another for kingship or domination of land

Whether joining to RP or to just enjoy what our server has to offer, you will be welcomed.

Custom races with lore making them very malleable in terms of customization.

Custom fantasy lore that flows in a reasonably logical way with Robert E. Howards universe.

We have some of the most incredible weapon and armor mods ever to grace the workshop.

Special weapons, armor, resources and more earned with donations or by great feats.

Our starting community and admins are a pleasure to play alongside and almost always available to help.

Voting for the community and acknowledged feedback to adjust the server to the communities liking.

Find our sandbox settings alongside our mod list in this link:Steam Workshop::NOVRANDT RP MODS

Discord: Novrandt