NPC, target, and thrall health bars gone

All of the health bars are gone. Makes playing very difficult. I have already lost two high level thralls due to being unable to see their health level.

Side note, potions no longer work either.

Yes I have noticed the health bar issue as well. It seems sporadic though. Because sometimes I can see them. Almost like its a graphics glitch, probably is and likely related to Funcom trying to resolve the use of the ESP hack which allows cheaters to see where everyone and everything is. At least I hope that is it, we can hope cant we?

As to potions on thralls, they still work for me. Not sure why they are not for you.

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Yeah, healthbars came back for a while, then disappeared again. Hopefully will get fixed soon.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you share the server number where you experienced this? Or the game mode if it was single-player or co-op.

Also, have you noticed if the issue is consistent when you are in a specific location?

Would you be able to record a short video or share a screenshot of the moment the health bars disappear?

Additionally, can you elaborate on the potions issue? Which potions are not working? Are they providing different than usual bonuses or simply not applying?

We await your reply.