NPC's Lack of Responsiveness

Has anyone else experienced that lack of responsiveness from some thralls? Like when I go into the Set City and attack some thralls sometimes there is a huge delay in their attacks almost to the point where they’ll just be standing there until they are dead. I don’t remember this happening before the combat patch.

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THRALLs were they not a character type in WARHAMMER lol for vampire count armies

Is the word ‘FOLLOWER’ trade marked or something

Google is hard to master eh¿?

the state of being in someone’s power, or of

Not sure about Set City, I’ve been there for a couple of fights only, and N’Batu did do some fighting. But sometimes, regardless of location, the thrall can be slow to react. Like wait out the whole fight without moving, then when all is said and done he’d wake up and start hitting the air. Make sure he’s not right behind you with a 2H sword when this happens :).

Also, thralls will not fight if they don’t have a free slot in their inventory.

I think I mean NPC, sorry.

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