Oasis of Pleasure 18+ ERP PvP

The Oasis of Pleasure is a 18+ Roleplaying Server with mostly Females and Futanaris in our Lands, this Server is more leaned towards a Female reigned World with alot of Slavery and such.

We welcome everyone to join and play with us on the newly made Server, you can be anything you want, be it a Male, Femboy, Demon etc etc. there are few exceptions, but you will most likely encounter alot of Futa’s so be prepared.

We aswell welcome most Roleplay aslong as it fits the Lore somewhat…

The Server is hosted in the EU on a dedicated Rootserver, we have 12 real Cores and 128 GM of RAM.
The Playercap is 70 Players.


Discord: discord.gg/39JwKFe

Join the Discord Server to find all needed Informations!

XP/Harvest Rates: x5

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Admins and moderators have a history of favoring staff or personal friends regarding disagreements that occur IC and OOC, and I was banned for trying to address a harassment issue of a player being coerced into erp by an Admin against her wishes.