Obolus / Sorcerer Skulls in Age of War?

I see that there is at least one place in Age of War where you can still spend Obolus to buy various items (supply chests, weapons, thralls, etc.). But I can’t find anywhere to actually get Obolus. There doesn’t seem to be a place to turn in Sorcerer skulls anymore. So it seems a little pointless to allow us to spend Obolus, without giving us a way to make those coins anymore. Am I missing a turn-in location for skulls or some other item where you can be rewarded in Obolus? Or is this just a temporary vendor situation for those who still had Obolus left over from the previous chapters?

Would be nice to see a turn-in spot for skulls (or something else) re-added to the map so that we can earn this currency again. The golem-maker at Mek-Kemosis seems like the kind of sketchy dude who would need a steady supply of skulls … Or maybe a Witch-Doctor at the Summoning Place?


At least u have in Exile Lands were to spend obolus, in Siptah they seems to forgot place the vendors


Leaving the vendors to accept the currency is, in this one’s estimation, a good thing.
Just in case someone didn’t spend them all before the age closed and has some stashed under the bed or buried in the back yard.

As for skulls, they can be used as decoration and dismantled, ect.
They have a resource value.

It is very unfortunate that Siptah doesn’t have a spot near Huang to spend left over coins.

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The Kurak dungeon. turning his head in to the headhunter guy, gets you a “sorcerer package” or whatever its called, opening it gets you demon blood, sulfer, component bags, golem parts AND Obulus! the only place now you can get it. The guard next to him sells a similiar lesser “sorcerer package” for 15 bloodstone i think, but you get less Obulus

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The skulls can be turned-in to the dismantling bench.

Yes and get one bone from it that is not an acceptable exchange for something infused with magik


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