Offcial 1587 is coming up invalid

Offcial server #1587 is still showing invalid. While yet 4 people managed to get logged in. Not cool? Whenn will this server be open to everyone???

The player count continues to vary on 1587 while our clan remains locked out. What kind of trickery is this!!! Hacks!!!

Can someone replace the dead hamster on 1587 please?

Mourning of recently deceased hamster is still in process. Back up hamster is on the way.

Henry, you served 1587 well.

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We might have over worked him last night. Poor Henry, we will miss him… :anguished:

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So while this thread is only an hour old the server has been down for 2. Any idea on how long it will be before it is back up?

Ping has been 1020 for the server with Server FPS 2 for the last 30-40 min. I think we were given a used hamster…

So, sadly Henry’s replacement, George, didn’t last a full day. We need another hamster!

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Was server #1650 ran on the same machine? been down the same amount of time.

I wonder if it’s the HUNDREDS of floating thralls on #1650 which I am assuming runs on the same machine because they went down at the same time.

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