Offical Server #1031 PvP - WE NEED YOU!

Greetings Exiles!

Over the last few weeks a lot of the main populated servers have become overwhelmed with lag and various problems (due to hopefully be fixed in the next patch) however myself and a lot of others simply cannot wait, so we have re-rolled over to a very low populated server from a very problematic #1127 server.

Sick of your official home acting up? JOIN US! The map may as well be completely fresh as there is nothing anywhere, the server never breaks and the ping and SFPS are great. Together we can create a new popular official server and when the patch hits soon it will be a great time to play here!

Also most of us who have joined the server already simply wish to play the game and look after the server, help new players regardless of experience etc. hopefully soon we can get a non official discord setup for the server and form some kind of community within the server :slight_smile:

We also do not mind helping people out leveling or getting situated, just shout up in the global chat.

Join us today!