Offical Siptah 6447 being crashed

Someone is crashing to server again. Weird players with no character names joined server and it started crashing 4 times within 15 mines. Instant “Disconnecting from server”

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Sorry dude in a few weeks all your stuff gonna be lost raided. Sounds like cheaters good luuck!

the same situation on server 6050 . came a clan of Chinese who constantly put the server. We fought with them and started winning. We came to their base-departure. Loading-dead and without things. Then they started to win in pvp, they began to apparently bug stats. The character deals huge damage-kills with 3 points of the spear, while the poison does not affect it, it does a double flip and completely gets lost without losing speed. But we managed to fight them a little bit and then the heavy artillery started… they started using speedhacks and teleporting directly to us… they’ve got a lot of bombs all over the place… when I killed one, his inventory was full of bombs… but he was running and doing a double jump… and so apparently everyone has it in a few days… we wrote reports, but no response, unfortunately. I understand that the administration has a lot of work to do, but it’s too bad. at this rate, there won’t be anyone left on the new maps…or on the old ones either. I would not like to think that the administration does not care about us, but there is no reaction


Yeah they killed the 6459 et now they are working on 6050…

We move to a private [EU/FR] Valhalla Vanilla same rules than official but with an admin to ban cheater, one day old join us!!!

Yep, hackers speaking chinese. Running underwater and shooting arrows I heard. Started on 6151, got tired of losing everything to them every other day so I deleted the character and found a different server. Never saw them offline raid, but everytime they hit me in PvP they would knock me down to about 3% health on one hit. Yes one hit with a spear. Now they are on the new server I went to. The one mentioned in the first post. I am fairly certain, one has the same name.

Because of this I have decided to stop playing Siptah PvP. Once I get routed by the hackers I will delete and just do PvE-C. Siptah is flawed if you expected solo players to be able to work it in PvP.

they characterize the characteristics. they all have 50 of them

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