Official PVP, brinstone/rocknoses bug

Official PVP, when getting brinstone at Shattered Springs with a pic, there is a bug with the rocknoses.

You get brimstone with your pic trying to avoid the rocknoses, and then sometimes you hit some rocknoses and enter some sort of ghost mode when you do not see your character on the screen. You can move, climb but not fight.

You have to disconnect and connect again to the server to solve this issue.

Hey @Berserker

This seems an odd issue. Could you share a video of this issue happening so we can get a better idea of what’s going on?
Thanks in advance.

this is a old issue, not odd issue :slight_smile:

Reported by me a couple of month and still active.


I do not have a video. Farm brimstone with a pic, avoid rocknose, and when you hit them sometimes it happen.

It is like you enter the rocknose body, and when you leave it you are in this ghost mode.

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let the rocknose hit you and knock you down and this will happen… one work around is to let the rocknose keep hitting you and you will suddenly appear again… you can run around in ghost mode and find a new rocknose to knock you down and bring you back visible again…
irritating glitch


I do not have a video either, but it happened to me tonite. Private server, no mods, I am not admin. Running to a safe spot and relogging corrected it.




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