Rocknose behaviour is atrocious

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Performance / QOL
Server type: Any
Region: EU

I am not sure whether it’s intentional that rocknoses knock you down on every single hit, but it is a horrible mechanic in my opinion, trying to farm brimstone in Shattered Springs with 5-6 rocknoses on your back often makes you get stunlocked to death due to getting knocked down constantly.

To add to this, during attacks they tend to float forward and/or move back and forth real fast, causing NPC’s or yourself to miss attacks.

This has been an issue since before 2.3, I think it’s the big update before 2.3 that added this ‘‘feature’’

  1. Encounter any rocknose
  2. Get annoyed
  3. Smash keyboard
  4. Buy new keyboard
  5. Go on forums to complain

Agreed, I have easier time killling 1 skulled “greater” rocknoses than with normal rocknoses

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If you get knocked, dodge left or right as soon as you begin standing up. Works for me everytime.

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That’s not the point lol, it’s easier to kill a 1 skull boss than normal ones, and also, if you have 3 on you, you get stun locked, regardless of your roll lol

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  • with a good weapon and some points in strength you can kill a normal rocknose faster than a greater one.
  • use a bow with armor pen
  • learn how to dodge
  • they are being reworked in next patch 2.4

Maybe CE needs a milkdrinker setting? xD


Buddy, i have nearly 2k hours in this game, I never said it’s hard, my exact words are horrible mechanic and annoying. If you feel the urge to troll go some place else.

Farming Shattered Springs has become unbearable with these new rocknoses is all I’m saying. And no, using a bow, leveling strength, none of that matters. First and foremost, if you farm that place, you’re likely running a 5 encumbrance + 3 survival build, why bother farming otherwise?
If there’s enough rocknoses on you, rolling makes you roll into another one and with their fun floating forward while attacking ‘‘mechanic’’ you sometimes can’t get away.
Bows are not even an option period.

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On Siptah, I’m already near “end-game” level, it’s annoying but not impossible, “I’ve got the high ground” comes to mind when I get swarmed.

Get the f out with that attitude man, you’re saying nothing constuctive to the topic and just being childish.

You’ll need a companion with a weapon that dices them. I barely have to switch between a pick and a weapon of choice. They have high agility.

I get the rocknose/rockslide purge all the time and haven’t had said stun lock problem.

P.S. waiting for the patch…

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Possibly rocknoses are currently suffering from the same bug as thralls right now that causes them to repeatedly perform their first attack only.

I’ve heard this bug (for thralls) has already been fixed internally and is just waiting on a patch. If it is the same bug for Rocknoses, then hopefully they will also be fixed with the thrall patch.

I commented on this in the OP

tl;dr: please read the entire post before commenting

Dragon Hatchlings still have that issue that they float toward the player or aggressor. It’s not unique to rocknoses. I think the back and forth movement is a different issue from floating.

While dealing with one or two Rocknose, you could potentially dodge, but more than that you will be constantly knocked down.

Knowing this, I approach fighting Rocknose differently. If they are bugged and only using their “knock-down” attack then it needs to be fixed.

One can also use the correct weapon on them… I use hard attack on axe (hyper armour ability overwrites the knock to ground effect) or the dagger light-light-heavy-heavy (two lights interrupt rocknose attacks)… so one can also try these alternatives as well

@GodlyVoice , sry i meant to answer to topic, but somehow i managed to answer to you!!!XD

That might work on one or two, but when there are more even that won’t work. If the rocknose are bugged, which it seems they are then the bug needs to be fixed.

Personally I do not care, I will fight them anyway using whatever happen I have.

Even my thralls gets knocked down constantly without getting in an attack on the rocknose.

Works for me… I harvest brimstone on harvester build (only 10 strength) alone with no thrall (i do not really use thralls) try the axe when they are more than a couple… 4 hard attacks should swipe alltogether after the 1st knocking to the ground…

You can’t get knocked down if you are on horseback, so bring a horse and try fighting rocknoses and dragons from the saddle. A mace will make quick work, and axes and spears are nearly as effective but also stack bleed on dragons.

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