Over-aggressive knockback / knockdown


Is the over-aggressive knockback / knockdown mechanic in the Exiled Lands a bug or a new mechanic that was slipped into the most recent PC update and/or hotfix? I’m surprised by what appears to be a lack of commentary about this mechanic. My search fu isn’t turning up much about it and scrolling through 200+ messages in the update thread isn’t returning much info either.

I’m running a post-ascension, level 265 char on a PvE server running EEWA & paragon leveling who is wearing armor with knock back resistance. Since the recent update, my toon has nearly been taken out by a rocknose who wouldn’t let me up in between attacks. My last fight with the Red Mother was fairly painful as well. I’m mostly annoyed by the rocknose, though. How are we supposed to be the “hero of our own story” as the devs stated during the last livestream (don’t get me started) if we’re being taken out by low-level critters?

Also, don’t get me started on how bad stagger has become.

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There have been other threads about rocknoses doing to too much. I threw me and my follower among ten rocknoses and didn’t have a problem.

The alligators, however, …

Huh, that’s a thing?

Yes, rocknoses have become completely insane. It’s great watching a thrall who can 1-shot a rocknose just get knocked down constantly for a ridiculously long time before they can even take a swing.

There’s an EEWA (Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal mod) armor with knockback resistance. I don’t believer there’s anything like that in the base game. Up until 2.3, it worked properly but something changed with 2.3 and it wasn’t the mod.

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