Official PVP Server Time is UK based for NA servers and promotes offline play during peak EST/CST/PST hours

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc - Official server #1515 PvP
Region: USA-EST

The server time on server Official server #1515 PvP seems to be UK based. Meaning that the raid times on a PVP server are not matched with the time zone of the server. The in-game time for example is at 13:00 but time for players in the US is 08:00. This means that the ‘raid’ times of 17:00 and 23:00 happen while US based players are still working / in school / etc… this promotes offline raiding and poor continuity with communities on your official pvp networks.

Please adjust the server raid times to properly match the time zone of the countries they are actually advertised for. For example server 1515 according to it’s IP is based in Canada using OVH (thank you so much for not using Nitrado and actually using a REAL server hosting network).

Other than that I’m having a great time with minimal bugs. Please do a server restart though. The desync is getting pretty bad with NPCs.

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I was on that server as well! Me and my group left the server yesterday after we realized the times were off. We get off work around the time the window closes which really ruined it for us. We had spent the entire weekend grinding too!