Official PvP servers

Is it allowed to claim and close obelisks? Or it does not include on official server rules?

Hello Angel,

This sort of thing is against the rules on Official PVP Servers. It falls under the blocking of content bullet under the Harassment and Griefing section

Please see the following thread for the Terms of conduct, guidelines, and procedures!


Hello! @Talouin posted the right link. This is where you should read about the rules!

Although I personally dislike the blocking of obelisks very much, I think that especially on PVP servers, funcom does not recognize this behaviour as a bannable offense. It is not blocking of content, since you can always walk the distance. Best if you read yourself!

@r4nd0mGamer I believe this example was one specifically given during a live stream after the rules were updated. I would love if a community representative could weigh in on this one as it is largely up to interpretation.

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