Official server 1017 PVE never purge for me after 2 months of play

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [PURGE | Bug | Performance]
Region: [EU]

Hello everything is in the title of the topic more the current gaming performance is really poor.
My name on the server is Detritus malanus from the clan The village.

I am in a Pve server to purge and be quiet but nothing absolutely nothing. I miss this game so if there is nothing to do on your side I think stopped simply.
And good luck for others who do not say anything especially the French who are struggling to have a service at the height.

PS: sorry for my english
i have 2 base one in the volcan other in the jungle

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

up!! its a realy problem i dont play beceause no purge