Purge question/problem/error

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I play in official pvp server 3209, and when our clan gets a purge this is what happens, thus not working at all

. Are the purges ever going to work properly, since it is a crucial part of this game?.
Funcom help?.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Play the game
2.Purge meter is full or past the white line.
3.Check event log.
4.No purge happens.

Hello @Babyfacekane, could you share the exact location of all your bases?

Whenever the issue arises, could you try to have your online clan members relog after the purge starts and before it ends, and let us know if it changes the outcome?

Hugo our base is on the line between F & G 11. We have tried logging in and out but nothing has worked, in the ice.

Thank you for getting back to us, we’ll be sure to register the shared information.

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