Purge issues in pvp

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My friend and I are experiencing bugs with the purges. The timer counts down, we get maybe 4 to 8 attackers, then… Nothing. No prompt to say we defeated them or they’re regrouping. Just nothing more comes.

Sometimes we have to go looking for them as they spawn far from the base

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Usually this happens when there are still NPCs from the purge still walking around attacking things, can even break other people’s building pieces aswell.

That’s why I go looking but there’s nothing near my base that’s player built

May have spawned inside game foundation, had that happen a few times for me.

Hello @Munginho_10, which purge are you getting?

Does it happen consistently with it, or any other purge type?

Can you confirm that you’re playing in an official PvP server?

Could you share a screenshot of the event log with any purge related messages, as well as the current location of your base?

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