Purge announcement on an official server but no purge

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Americas

Last night, on official server #1504, during the expected time window for purges to start I was mining at a distance close enough to return to either of my bases to intercept any such event (Galloman’s Tomb). My bases are south of Narrowneck Pass and across the valley on the west side of the Temple of the Bat and on a cliff closest to the waterfall. As I exited the Tomb I heard the horn and the message about a raid by a nest of scorpions popped up with the 10-minute warning. I just started to run to the location and didn’t even get 30 seconds away when a new message popped up that the purge had been defeated. I also got the message that the Journey step of surviving a purge had been completed. No markings on the map. No damage to any place - and my purge meter had not been reset.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Yeah, only 1 purge on our server so far, and exact same thing. Notice, 10 seconds or so, then notified purge was deleted. Our base was in the T1 river area, so thought maybe that was why. Thanks for your update- this shows that it wasn’t just because we were in T1 zone.


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The purge works in our server I have found tho that if your base is close to npc they will attack the purge and kill it for you. I’m next to world boss and it has killed purge a couple times for me lol.

Purge will also attack random foundations set out and when the time runs out if they haven’t broke into a base it’s a victory as well. That’s what I have seen. Rather it’s a bug or not I’m not sure.

Just had a purge last night on 1504. Our base location is on the cusp of desert and jungle biomes. We received the 10 min warning and that locusts were going to attack. The X was over one our single foundations that we were using to mark the end of our next expansion. After 10 mins we received a wave of 4 locusts, defeated them quickly. About 1 min after the last one died, we got hit by a 2nd wave of 4 locusts. Then the journey step of survive a purge appeared, and a message of them regrouping also appeared, however, the X disappeared off our map. We decided to chill for a few more mins, once it was apparent that we weren’t getting any more waves. We continued on with our activities. Our purge bar is bugged as it is still showing 95% maxing out. So even with the waves working correctly, we did not get the full 30 min duration of the purge.