Official server 1578 was walled up to prevent new players

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [ Misc]
Region: [America]

[Official PvP server 1578 was walled up with black ice walls to prevent new players for playing. Today I was playing, died, respawn in desert area and discovered this, so please, if anything can be done I think we´ll be grateful.]

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You need to report this on the Harassment area.

If they did indeed block off entire entry, i feel for them…
As per the first rule in the Funcom “fairness” statement, that is a death nail for whomever did it.

Yeah once funcom looks into this, whoever is behind walling off the playable area is gonna be banned. There was a big thread, actually threads, about it not long ago.

Ok, thanks, but harrasment area… where is it?

In the “players helping players” section of this forum there is a sticked topic called grieving and harrassment - inside that there is a link to the email you report this type of issue to … it is called “exploit hunters”. I know that seems like it’s not applicable but funcom does mean it to be used to report your type of issue …try to provide screenshots if you can.

Sorry I can’t do a direct link as I’m on my phone …

Here you are.

Thanks a lot for your help, I´ll report it there.

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