Official server 1744 down

Crashed about 30 minutes ago 0/40


All interactions broke before everyone gave up and disconnected. Server shows infinite loading screen. Plz reboot.

It happened again today. Interactions are super slow. But will eventually work, player list blank in game. Stamina drain delayed. Rubberbanding. Please reboot.

Finally got kicked, “Kicked from Server” “You have been kicked by BattlEye. Reason: Client not responding” Was 1 of 3 left, all interactions were still super slow.

Server is good after that message. Seems like BattlEye is jacking up the servers or someone is using exploits that break BattlEye.

@Funcom_Community BattlEye update probably causing server glitches.

Issues are back again. 6 players online.

Kicked again, this time just “Lost connection with the server.”

Another message: “Outgoing reliable buffer overflow”

Server working again. Probably not for long though.

Yeah didn’t last long.

Kicked again, BattlEye client not responding.

Anyone else from 1744 please report using

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Server is still down. I Just tried to login again.

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RIP Server #1744…

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Broken again, please reboot.


Broke again, please reboot quickly.


Still broken :frowning:

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Broke again…

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Broken, yet again… RIP Flawless gear.