Official Server #1800 PVP - Server crashing possible DDoS

Hello Community,

I’ve been playing in server 1800 and had no issues with the server. One day I mentioned that i was going to God a certain base/clan that is ridiculous HUGE. The clan mentioned that they were going to prevent me from doing it. Later on the server starts disconnecting everyone on the server each time I log in. I’ve waited hours while my clan played when I was not in. Then I log in and the server crashes each time. Tried this multiple times. Played this morning had not issues, tried in the afternoon when the “clan” was on and it crash as soon as I came in. I didn’t join and let my clan come back in to log in so I can test it out again. The “clan” that said they were going to prevent the god mentioned that the server crashes when I come in. How do they know I’m even logging in? Seems like they either DDoS the server or something else. Please assist in this issue and I can provide names. Thank you.

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i cannot mentioned the people on here or message them directly. What kind of support is this?

There’s no support, they don’t moderate the official servers.

You are a new user, so the following applies:


Follow that guidance, and you will be able to message the support team.

Further guidance is here:

Incorrect. They do, but they have a specific way of seeking assistance (see above)


In my experience, reporting exploits through the correct channels is only marginally different as you get the brief attention of their forum team. Nothing of substance was done on the actual server.

Thank you, Broc. Didn’t see that guideline for new users. Will try that out.

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Press the INSERT key two times and you will know.

They don´t even have to do so. There are easier possible ways to crash the server atm.
Abusers can simply use ingame mechanics. People on my server say: “funcom abandoned us”

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This server crashing is certainly not directed at you. I thought you were the cause because every time you log in it seem to crash server. It is an ongoing issue which is rumored to be due to people cheating and causing the server to crash. This server is completely unplayable at times and crashes every few minutes.

It seems the new Conan meta is to exploit and crash the server until people decide to go play a different game.

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