Official Server 2588 Down

Is there any warning to when they take a server down ? Or is it normal to have a server down practically all day ?

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When they take a server down for maintenance they post it on these forums.

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Thanks, but what about when they completely do away with a server ? Does that even happen ?

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They would announce that also, they do not just take servers offline. Are you positive it was an Official, and not a private server?
FYI, I searched Battlemetrics for server 2588 and it does not exist.

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Positive, I was on it this morning at 4am and everyone else on the server has been messaging each other. We have been on it for about a month now. Came from 2510 to 2588

I cannot find any 25xx servers at all. I checked Battlemetrics ( Server Search - BattleMetrics ), and for Isle of Siptah AND Exiled lands.
Are you sure you are posting on the correct Forum?

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If it starts with 25xx it’s an Xbox server. Unfortunately the console servers aren’t tracked on battlemetrics.

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It isn’t normal for a server to be offline all day. Even scheduled maintenance would be an hour at most.

However, you need to report server issues through zendesk.

Good Luck!

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