PC official Server outage

This is my first time posting and I wasn’t exactly sure where to post this but I figured General would be as good as any. My friends and I have been playing on an official server, Official server #1505 PvE - g-portal. com, randomly went offline today. I’ve been using the battlemetrics website and checking the game periodically for any change. Can I get any update about the server? I saw the server went down for over two months during the summer of 2020 so I am concerned.
Thank you

You can report it to their ZenDesk but you may not get a reaction right away on a Sunday.


In addition, BattleMetrics is not 100% reliable as there was a time when the service was disabled and they could not query the servers for information. Even now, not all servers are available there. For example, my server doesn’t show at all in BattleMetrics but it has been online for months without any downtime. My second server shows as dead i.e offline even though it is running as we speak without any issues.


Thank you. The server came back up this morning after the reset

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