Official Server #3588 is not showing up for the past few hours

Was playing earlier and got lagged out. Now the server has not been showing for a few hours.

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Thought I was the only one

any word i still cant find it

I am part of this server it makes me the same thing

dunno if its the same of ps as PC …but some servers ip’s were changed. do not look for servers through favorites…find it through the search

I have typed in 3588 and it still doesn’t show. It has been gone all day, hopefully a Dev can give us an answer why the server is no longer showing.

Yeah no luck still. Cant find it anywhere

All official servers past 3540 are gone

Nope scratch that just ours…

So how are we supposed to find it if we don’t know the number?

servers dont just dissapear without annoucnements…some servers had their ip’s changed. so if you dont remember the number kidzeal…sorry

I know the server number 3588 and it is not showing up.

You are not the only one, it still seems to be gone, any ideas why it’s not there?

It’s back up guys.