Official Server #3975 DOES NOT Show

Everytime I log in to PvE, 3975 will not show up without me submitting a report. Why is this? Is there a problem with the server itself? There’s not even an option to invite a friend to my game. I’m trying to invite someone.

Hey there,

Have you got the proper filters (All) and tried manually searching the server?
Is it only this server and which device are you on? try to be as detailed as possible :wink:

This is on Singleplayer/Offline Play > Co-op. You are not able to invite others to a server (although Steam does have an option for this, they might be able to join you via that)

Please do report Official server issues in the proper place:

I’m playing on the PS4 Official Server #3975 PvE - g-portal us Oceania. All settings are set to the default except the filter which is set to official.

So basically you want us to contact G-portal and do it ourselves…

Man these dedicated servers are garbage. I kinda just lost all will to play this game.