Official servers not working and no way to report them

I have been attempting to log onto PVP official server 6151 all day. The age of the server is ??? and the ping is 9999. I have restarted steam. Restarted Conan. Restarted my computer. I can log onto 100 other official servers but NOT THIS ONE. ALSO, FCS is clearly having issues. Having given up on logging into the server I had started on, I went to PVE and started a new character using US Isle of Siptah as my search criteria.Every single.server. said number of players -0-. When I log on, people start talking. ODD, since I JUST logged on and FCS said there were no players on ANY Isle of Siptah official server. So I check. There are 26 players online. I log out and check - 0 players. Log in 27 player. ALL DAY. Is there not a category to report server issues since FCS took over servers from steam?

I can confirm Official #6151 does not work for me either.

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At time of posting this it has been down over 12 hours.

I tried a direct connection but it will not connect either.

So annoying. I dont want to play a different game or do something else. Booooo

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